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Austrian Association of Certified Court Interpreters


The Austrian Association of Certified Court Interpreters is a non-political, non-profit organization existing since 1920 with the declared objective of furthering the professional and business interests of sworn and certified court interpreters in Austria.



In April 2010 ÖVGD was one of the first associations to join EULITA, the European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association. ÖVGD supports the ideas and objectives of this international non-for-profit organisation, which aims to bring together professional associations of interpreters and translators who work for the courts, the police and other judicial authorities. EULITA primarily represents their interests and concerns vis-à-vis European institutions

New entry requirements for Certified Court Interpreters

The Court Experts and Interpreters Act was amended with effect of 01 January 1999. The title of the new law reads: Law on Sworn and Certified Experts/Interpreters. The requirement for being admitted to the admission examination, which candidates must pass when wishing to be put on the List of Certified Court Interpreters, is proof of two years of professional experience for university graduates in translating and interpreting or five years of professional experience for all other candidates. This proof must be documented by written certificates that can be verified.

The examination fee amounts to € 400.00 for one language, and to an additional € 100.00 for every further language.
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